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About Me

I am the only daughter of an only daughter of an only daughter, and like my mother, a middle child surrounded by boys. As a kid, we moved around a lot and from a young age, we were tuned to landscapes, both wild and human. We noticed the smallest things in both: the pollen on a bee, the thin crack in the rock where bats flew in and out, a tender glance, a subtle shift in tone that signaled singing or argument.

I paint to explore and better understand my relationship to these landscapes. I‘m particularly interested in how the surface of land (or human) relates to what is underneath and how those relationships inform who we are. I like to explore both what is revealed or concealed in the landscape and what we choose to reveal and conceal about ourselves.

My paintings tend to take a long time and go through many iterations. For me, all that history is important. I don‘t work with a model and paintings typically emerge from within, informed by memory, experience, emotion, and sometimes a book or poem.

Increasingly, I collaborate with nature, often painting outside and leaving panels or unstretched canvas out for long periods of time to interact with the weather and the landscape. The marks that come from where a leaf settled, where pollen mixes in, or where the rain has pelted often feel the most gorgeous and true.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with Fine Arts Emphasis from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. I have been studying with painter, educator, curator and gallerist Michael David since 2017. In December 2019, I participated in the Critical Thinking Residency and Exhibition at M. David & Co, in Brooklyn, NY. I‘m currently participating in a 3-month virtual residency program: Yellow Chair Salon. The Yellow Chair Salon, developed and led by Michael David, is a collaboration between M. David & Co. and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.